[Ipopt] Objective value trouble

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BTW - I would have thought that the global minimum is f(x) = -0.5 and x
= -1 whereas f(x=-0.25) = -0.21875.  I also confirmed this Xpress-SLP as




Optimize __OBJ___ :

  x + 0.5 * x ^ 2


Subject To:



-10 <= x <= 10




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Dear IPopt user community:


I am currently working on a project using the IPopt minimization under


An example for visual studio "csipopt" converges successfully. 


Yet - for the sake of benchmarking - I am trying to minimize the 1D
polynomial f(x) = x + x2/2 under the constraints -10<x<10 and with
initial guess x = 1.

Accordingly the gradient is g(x) = 1 + x and the hessian h(x) = 1. IPopt
fails to find the minimum x=-1/4 as the iterations deviate only
marginally from the initial value as shown by the attached file.


Please advise me how to proceed. I suspect this must be a minor option


Thank you.


Sebastian Ferrera, Chile



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