[Ipopt] error running parallel branch of Ipopt with intel mpi

Hans Pirnay hans.pirnay at rwth-aachen.de
Mon Dec 6 10:32:36 EST 2010

Hello everyone,

I know the parallel version is not officially supported, but maybe
someone can help me on this.

I have compiled the parallel branch of Ipopt using intelmpi, which is
derived from MPICH.

Compilation went well. I configured with

../configure MPICC=mpiicc MPICXX=mpiicpc MPIF77="mpiifort -nofor_main"

The executables were all set through the corresponding environment
variables on the cluster I'm working on. I needed to add the last flag
to make an error about SEEK_SET go away

So the code is compiled, and checking with ldd tells me that all the
correct libraries are linked, but when I run the ParScalableProblems
(or any other example), I get

$MPIEXEC -np 2 par_solve_problem MPara5_1 100
Error encountered before initializing MPICH
Error encountered before initializing MPICH

(The error message is repeated for every process)

The cluster has sunmpi as an alternative, but when I use that one, I
get a compilation error for MUMPS that I can't figure out. Any help
would be appreciated!


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