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Gus Gassmann Horand.Gassmann at dal.ca
Fri Mar 6 13:59:53 EST 2009

On 6 Mar 2009 at 10:23, Damien Hocking wrote:

> I'd like to second Jesse's comments.  Autotools and Visual Studio projects are pretty wretched even on a good day and there are solutions out there that provide cross-platform support in one build system.  Jesse has a CMake build of IPOPT and I've have one that uses SCons that builds MUMPS and the PyIPOPT wrapper as well.  A lot of the COIN-OR software is interdependent and it needs a consistent build system.  It's fair enough that COIN-OR is Linux-oriented and uses Autotools, we get a lot of high-quality software for free.  I don't consider Cygwin or MSYS to be serious for Windows platforms (dons asbestos shirt...) for the same reasons as Jesse; they don't play nicely with the industrial-strength dev platforms for that operating system.
> If we were to volunteer to support people with our alternatives, are they something that could be distributed with IPOPT, or should we just post our build systems to this list and/or host them on our own websites?

I am one of the developers of the Optimization Services project. OS 
provides communication between clients and solvers in a distributed 
environment and ties in with several of the COIN solvers. We maintain a 
solution file for Visual studio v8 and v9 that includes Ipopt (although I have 
only tested it with the Harwell routines). I don't know if this would be of 
interest to you guys, but if it is, you can download it with the OS project.

Let me know if you need any forther information.


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