[Ipopt] some elementary questions

ranranli at egr.msu.edu ranranli at egr.msu.edu
Mon Jan 19 14:51:28 EST 2009

Dear all,

I am using ipopt solver to solve my nonlinear programming problem. It is
my first time to use it, I have a lot of questions about that. I have
solved some of them by myself and there are still some I cannot handle
myself. My questions may be extremely easy for you guys and they are
indeed  hard for me. Could you please help me to handle them? I installed
Cygwin environment and used AMPL as an interface.

The questions are as follows:

1, what type of ASL file should I save it as? .txt,.f? I save it as .f
file temporarily.

2, I put ampl.exe,ma27ad.f,blas_alpha,lapack,mc19ad.f,Ipopt-3.2.1,ASL.f in
one directory \home\Admin(my user name).And when I ren zhe configure
script $ ./configure ,the display is as”ash: ./configure: No such file or
directory”. I do not know why! I have followed the installation steps.

3, when I typed “make” in the prompt line of Cygwin, it displayed
   “make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.”
   I am puzzled about that.

4  I do not know how to write a .mod file to run in the ampl. I cannot
find the answer from the www.ampl.com . Could you please tell me how to
connect ipot with ampl in Cygwin environment?

High appreciate!!!

Best regards!!!

Ranran li

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Michigan State University

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