[Ipopt] IPOPT Binary Status and linear solver choices.

Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Thu Feb 19 12:19:51 EST 2009


>> It has Blas, Lapack, and Mumps linked in. HSL is not linked in.
> Cool. I need to build mumps anyways, so this may be nice. Is this a
> serial or parallel version of MUMPS? 

Serial version.

> I assume serial since we haven't
> mentioned ScaLAPACK, etc.... It looks like in the cpp_example makefile
> that comes with the binary distribution only links to libipopt, but I
> thought that Mumps would need an MPI library linked in as well (which I
> would change depending on my target platform)? The mumps docs talk about
> using a hack and linking to libmpiseq.a which is a proxy for MPI. Is
> this linked into the binary as well?

Yes, that one is used and linked in.

> My fear is that if I do an MPI build of my application with this
> (IAssuming that MUMPS still runs sequentially from this binary), that
> linking in my MPI libraries will clash with the libmpiseq that is in the
> binary distribution? Is this a real to be scared?

Guess so, probably the symbols will be the same.

> Maybe I need to bite the bullet and do my own build on windows...

Also good idea, if you can find a fortran compiler...

>> > 2) If it is linked in, any chance of getting a binary build with the
>> No chance ;-). It's a headache to build on Windows, if I find time,
>> maybe I'll do it.
> I understand completely.

So why you use it? ;-)


Stefan Vigerske
Humboldt University Berlin, Numerical Mathematics

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