[Ipopt] IPOPT Binary Status and linear solver choices.

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Thu Feb 19 12:04:21 EST 2009

Thanks Stefan:

> It has Blas, Lapack, and Mumps linked in. HSL is not linked in.

Cool. I need to build mumps anyways, so this may be nice. Is this a serial  
or parallel version of MUMPS? I assume serial since we haven't mentioned  
ScaLAPACK, etc.... It looks like in the cpp_example makefile that comes  
with the binary distribution only links to libipopt, but I thought that  
Mumps would need an MPI library linked in as well (which I would change  
depending on my target platform)? The mumps docs talk about using a hack  
and linking to libmpiseq.a which is a proxy for MPI. Is this linked into  
the binary as well?

My fear is that if I do an MPI build of my application with this (IAssuming  
that MUMPS still runs sequentially from this binary), that linking in my  
MPI libraries will clash with the libmpiseq that is in the binary  
distribution? Is this a real to be scared?

Maybe I need to bite the bullet and do my own build on windows...

> > 2) If it is linked in, any chance of getting a binary build with the
> No chance ;-). It's a headache to build on Windows, if I find time,
> maybe I'll do it.

I understand completely.
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