[Ipopt] Help!!! Make failure: Makefile: Must be a separator on line ...

Steven Dirkse sdirkse at gams.com
Thu Dec 10 07:23:10 EST 2009


Have you installed GNU make as the default make?  I'm not sure that's
the cause in this case, but you can be sure the IPOPT developers have
targeted GNU make.  The Digital Unix make, not so much.

Fortunately it's easy to build/install GNU make.


2009/12/10 lqc234 <lqc234 at 126.com>:
> Hi everyone , hi Andreas!
>    I used Ipopt on Tru64 system:alphaev68-dec-osf5.1b. I followed the
> instructions and the configure stage goes well, I even got "configure: Main
> configuration of Ipopt successful". However I encounted the mistakes in the
> "make" stage. In the end of the output ,it said :
>    Make: Makefile: Must be a separator on line 93. stop.
>    ***Exit 1
>    stop
> I have checked the Makefile on line 93, it is :
>   ACLOCAL = ${SHELL} /usr/users/df8002/gcclqc/Ipopt-3.6.1/missing --run
> aclocal-1.9
> and I didn't find an error.
>   The system uses ksh as its shell while I found that "The config.site file
> is a shell script for bin/sh and needs to conform to sh syntax." in
> https://projects.coin-or.org/BuildTools/wiki/user-configure#ConfigDotSiteFile.
> Maybe it is because the different shell program? I am not very familiar with
> the Make specifications. I attached the config.log and the Makefile
> generated.
>   Anyone can give suggestions? I am looking forward to the help! Thank you
> very much in advance!
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