[Ipopt] Help with IPOPT linking problems on Windows MSVC

Jesse Perla jesseperla at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 18:43:48 EDT 2008

Sorry for the delay, was out of town.
Thanks for building the binaries, but I won't be able to use them without
separating out the BLAS/LAPACK linking or I will get symbol problems with my
MKL libraries.

I added notes to:
https://projects.coin-or.org/Ipopt/wiki/CompilationHintson windows
compilation.  I am wondering, though, if I should bite the bullet
and use MinGW next time...

Does anyone want me to mail or post up the VS Project files for the building
of sample application and the multilib/debug versions of IPOPT?

On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 11:40 AM, Stefan Vigerske
<stefan at math.hu-berlin.de>wrote:

> Hi,
>   >I could try making binaries of Ipopt in optimized (-MT) and debug mode
>>  >(-MTd) using the new Mumps and the Netlib LAPACK/BLAS, and having
>>  >everything compiled with Intel C++ and Fortran compilers. Would that be
>>  >helpful?
>> That would be great, if we can get a visual studio sample app that has the
>> right combination of linker settings to go with it.  Also, I am not entirely
>> sure how the threading stuff works, but if the runtime libraries are
>> different for the  -MD and -MDd (the multithreaded dll builds which seems to
>> be the default with new projects), that might be necessary.  And  probably
>> it makes sense to link in the blas/lapack separately to your projects since
>> many would be using MKL with other libraries (e.g. boost::ublas) and would
>> run into big conflicts.  Mumps could be linked in to the library without
>> problem for me at least, though I see no issues with for me at least.
> At http://www.coin-or.org/download/binary/Ipopt/ you find libraries of
> Ipopt 3.5.1 once compiled in default mode (with -MT) and once in debug mode
> (with -MTd). They have Mumps, Blas, and Lapack already linked in.
> This is what I can do at the moment, because it is working by default.
> For linkage, libraries from the Intel compiler might be needed. They can be
> found at http://www.gams.com/~svigerske/intel/win32/10.0<http://www.gams.com/%7Esvigerske/intel/win32/10.0>
> Setting up a Visual Studio Application is not my field and I'm not eager to
> spend a lot of time in it ;-).
> Separating the library into ipopt + lapack + blas + mumps is more tricky
> than would I did now, and replacing one by another could make problems in
> linking due to fortran naming conventions. I don't think I'll do this in the
> next time.
> If you wanna try HSL or Pardiso as linear solver, then you can have a look
> at the linear solver loader in Ipopt.
>  Last, is there any move on Ipopt towards a cross-platform build
>> environment with ipopt or COIN-OR in general?
> Not that I know.
> The configure system has something for cross-platform builds, but I never
> tried it out and I'm quite sure it will not work just out-of-the-box ;-).
> Best,
> Stefan
> --
> Stefan Vigerske
> Humboldt University Berlin, Numerical Mathematics
> http://www.math.hu-berlin.de/~stefan<http://www.math.hu-berlin.de/%7Estefan>
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