[Ipopt] Generation of a .lib file when I install IPOPT in Cygwin

Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Thu Oct 30 05:35:42 EDT 2008


why you do not try to build also Ipopt with Visual Studio 9? There are
project files for Visual Studio 8 included that should also work with VS 9.

>     I am trying to use Ipopt in Windows (Visual
> Studio 9.0).
>     First: I install IPOPT in through cygwin,
> using the GNU compilers. Then I obtain the “ipopt.exe” and the libs
> “libipopt.a” and “libipopt.la”. But my main problem is that when I try to
> compile the C or CPP examples I obtain unresolved external errors for the next
> simbols:
> _FreeIpoptProblem
> _IpoptSolve 
> _AddIpoptStrOption
> _AddIpoptNumOption
> _CreateIpoptProblem

This seem to be the C Interface. Could be that gcc and cl use different
naming conventions.
Sure this also happens also for the CPP examples?

> I mean that
> this is because I don´t have a “.lib” file for IPOPT. Instead of a “.lib” I
> link my project with the “.a” and “.la” files that are libraries for Unix.
> How could I
> fixed this problem?

You should try to compile everything with the same compiler.
You can try compiling with the M$ compiler in cygwin too.
For that the paths to the compiler need to be setup correctly, and you
have to call configure with the flags CC=cl CXX=cl.


Stefan Vigerske
Humboldt University Berlin, Numerical Mathematics

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