[Ipopt] Resolved issues when compiling with MinGW GCC 4.3.0

Gustafsson, Anders anders.gustafsson at se.nucletron.com
Thu Oct 2 14:52:58 EDT 2008

This is my first entry in this mailing list, so first of all I would
like to take the opportunity to thank the people who have developed this
terrific large-scale optimizer IPOPT and made it available as open


I thought I should report my findings when compiling Ipopt-3.5.4 on
Windows XP using MSYS 1.0.10 and MinGW (GCC version 4.3.0). The linear
solver is MUMPS, version 4.8.1.


When compiling IpTripletToCSRConverter.cpp in the
Algorithm/LinearSolvers directory, I get the following error message:


IpTripletToCSRConverter.cpp:63:   instantiated from here

IpTripletToCSRConverter.hpp:105: error: 'void
Ipopt::TripletToCSRConverter::TripletEntry&)' is private


This is the failing code line in IpTripletToCSRConverter.cpp:


    std::list<TripletEntry> entry_list(nonzeros);


The TripletEntry assignment operator is declared private in
IpTripletToCSRConverter.hpp. I notice in the code there is a public
dummy copy constructor for the inner class TripletEntry, and I assume
that this copy constructor is defined to make the TripletEntry list
construction possible. But it seems like the std::list implementation in
GCC 4.3.0 uses the assignment operator, hence the compilation failure.
(I have not verified this, but it seems plausible to me.)

>From what I can tell, the TripletEntry class is local to the
TripletToCSRConverter class, and the data members in TripletEntry are
simple integers (typedef int Index). Then, would it not be OK to let the
compiler implicitly define both the copy constructor and the assignment
operator? That is, remove the definition "TripletEntry(const
TripletEntry&)" and the declaration "void operator=(const
TripletEntry&)" from the TripletEntry class? With these modifications,
the code compiles flawlessly, and the optimizer seems to run as


Another issue: when trying to build the executable in
examples/ScalableProblems, I got the following error message:


$ make

g++ -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -pipe -DNDEBUG -pedantic-errors -Wimplicit
-Wparentheses -Wreturn-type -Wcast-qual -Wall -Wpointer-arith
-Wwrite-strings -Wconversion -Wno-unknown-pragmas   -I`echo
/c/GNU/Ipopt-3.5.4/include/coin` -c -o solve_problem.o `test -f
'solve_problem.cpp' || echo './'`solve_problem.cpp

solve_problem.cpp: In function 'int main(int, char**)':

solve_problem.cpp:140: error: 'strcmp' was not declared in this scope

make: *** [solve_problem.o] Error 1


The function 'strcmp' is really a member of cstring/string.h, which is
not explicitly included in 'solve_problem.cpp'. I think that most
compilers implicitly include cstring/string.h when cstdlib/stdlib.h is
included, and therefore this error normally does not show up. However,
to be on the safe side with all compilers, cstring/string.h needs to be
explicitly included.


To successfully compile, I simply added the following code to



# include <cstring>



#  include <string.h>

# else

#  error "don't have header file for string"

# endif



I hope these findings can be of help to other users of IPOPT. Also, if
you agree with my suggested modifications, I would of course be happy to
see my suggestions implemented in the regular IPOPT code base.

Anders Gustafsson
Physics Support Coordinator
Nucletron Scandinavia AB
Office: +46 18 565073
Mobile: +46 70 579 50 73

anders.gustafsson at se.nucletron.com
Visit our website: http://www.nucletron.com/

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