[Ipopt] Building Ipopt under Visual Studio

Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Fri Mar 28 11:55:09 EDT 2008


> I am having continued problems using Ipopt (stable version) under Microsoft
> Visual Studio. I am trying to build libIpopt.lib in order to embed it into
> OSSolverService, and during the link phase I get errors about unresolved
> external references. 

What are the unresolved references?

> Trying to alleviate those, I added further source code to
> the libIpopt project (such as IpTAUCSSolverInterface.cpp). This created further
> errors, such as
> fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'taucs.h': No such file or
> directory

TAUCS is an alternative to MUMPS, HSL, PARDISO,...
Thus, the IpTAUCSSolverInterface.cpp should only be compiled if you also
have the TAUCS linear solver that works with Ipopt.

> I searched on my disc for anything relating to taucs and found nothing. I also
> consulted the web, with little success. Any ideas what else I can try?

Difficult to say without knowing more details.


Stefan Vigerske
Humboldt University Berlin, Numerical Mathematics

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