[Coin-ipopt] limited-memory quasi-Newton approximation

Tran Minh Tuan tmtuan at laas.fr
Tue Jan 8 06:46:36 EST 2008


You can get a (nicely) approximated solution for an optimal control  
problem with Ipopt and limited-memory quasi-Newton for Hessian is not  
source of "problem failed".
 From my experience, you'd better to check first derivatives before  
solving your problem. This option is quite useful and available in  


On 8 Jan 2008, at 11:49 AM, Susana Lera wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to solve the known Goddard sounding rocket problem with  
> Ipopt, but I can't reach to an optimal solution. It stops after 270  
> iterations saying the problem failed.
> I'm using the Mumps solver and I choosed the option limited-memory  
> quasi-Newton approximation to get the Hessian.
> Can this let to an unaccurate solution?
> Thanks,
> Susana Lera
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