[Ipopt] Release 3.4.0 and VC8.0

Stefan Vigerske stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Tue Apr 29 09:18:38 EDT 2008


> I am trying to compile and link the example hs071_cpp in VC8.0 and using release 
> 3.4.0 of IPopt.  I am also using the .sln file that came with the package.  The 
> only change I have made is to exclude libcoinhsl from the solution as I do not 
> wish to use proprietary source code.  Instead I hope to make to do with BLAS and 
> LAPACK.  I get an error message that the linker is unable to locate libc.lib.  
> Is this due to not including the HSL routines?  

I haven't tried the visual studio build, but the dependency on libc.lib 
should not come from not including HSL. Maybe you can specify 
/nodefaultlib:libc.lib for the linkline somewhere and see whether this 
has a positive effect.

> My understanding is that I do 
> not need to use all the three (BLAS, LAPACK and HSL) if I do not wish to.  How 
> can I fix the problem?

You will need to provide at least one linear solver for Ipopt, at least 
at the time of use (see Ipopt 3.4 release notes).
If you skip HSL and do not include another linear solver in the Ipopt 
binary, then you have to provide either HSL routines or a Pardiso 
library at runtime (as dll).
Another option is to build Ipopt with MUMPS Interface. However, I do not 
know how to do this with the VisualStudio solution files. Further, you 
would need a Fortran90 compiler.


Stefan Vigerske
Humboldt University Berlin, Numerical Mathematics

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