[Ipopt] Release 3.4.0 and VC8.0

Krish Krishnan rkrishnan8216 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 29 07:40:31 EDT 2008

Hi All:

I am trying to compile and link the example hs071_cpp in VC8.0 and using release 3.4.0 of IPopt.  I am also using the .sln file that came with the package.  The only change I have made is to exclude libcoinhsl from the solution as I do not wish to use proprietary source code.  Instead I hope to make to do with BLAS and LAPACK.  I get an error message that the linker is unable to locate libc.lib.  Is this due to not including the HSL routines?  My understanding is that I do not need to use all the three (BLAS, LAPACK and HSL) if I do not wish to.  How can I fix the problem?


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