[Coin-ipopt] hello

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Fri Jun 29 17:51:03 EDT 2007

Hi Joyce,

>   I'm trying to use the interface of FORTRAN version to MATLAB. I've 
> compiled Ipopt under VisualStudio2003.net and Inter fortran compiler9.0 
> and got an IPOPT.dll, but while I put this file into the ex-1 file 
> folder to test the example you offered , there is some error saying the 
> dll module is of no effect. So I don't know if it is because that there 
> is anything wrong with my MATLAB or I must compile all the IPOPT program 
> under MATLAB enviroment or anything else.

The Matlab interface for the Fortran version of Ipopt is not part of the 
Ipopt package on COIN-OR, and I don't know any details about it.  Please 
contact the authors of that package.
(I assume you are talking about this:

>     Moreover , I'd like to know have you complete the dll for C++ 
> version IPOPT program packet yet?

The latest release of Ipopt contains a contribution from Peter Carbonetto, 
who wrote a Mex (matlab) interface for the C++ version of Ipopt, see


However, I don't think anybody has tried it on Windows yet...(?)  At some 
point I had a look at the following link, which seemed to be helpful:


I hope this helps,


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