[Coin-ipopt] installation problem in ipopt

Carlos Sosa Paz CJS449 at bham.ac.uk
Tue Apr 24 11:11:22 EDT 2007

Dear Sir,


Thank you for your time.


I have to problems and i hope you can help me with them.


First I try to install Ipopt on my laptop. I have windows xp and i have cygwin installed. I follow the installation instructions. I had a problem with them specially one that said that Blas was not present. I try to solve this problem and i think i did. The problem is that, in the configure file the path for the Blas libraries it is not correct. it says something like "$srcdir/ThirdParty/Blas/daxpy.f " but this file is located in "$srcdir/ThirdParty/Blas/BLAS/daxpy.f ". So I just copy all the files into the Blas folder. After I did this the configure files compiles successfully. But I can't make the make file "compile" or "run". I have Error 1 coming at the end. I have the same problem if I try to run the make test. 


And the second problem is that I try to login into coin-ipopt mailing list and I don't know how to login coz it get a message saying wrong confirmation number.


Thanks for your time.


Carlos Sosa Paz

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