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David Elixmann david.elixmann at gmx.net
Thu Apr 19 03:56:53 EDT 2007

Hi Andreas,

Prior to compiling IPOPT, I followed the instructions given on the web page about how to download ASL, Lapack and Blas, through the "get.ASL", "get.Lapack" and "get.Blas" commands. When I entered these commands, the Shell said that all three packages have been downloaded successfully, and there is a directory "/ThirdParty/ASL/ampl/solvers" with many many subdirectories. 

But when I run "./configure --prefix=$IPOPTDIR" on the main directory with the Ipopt package, it says that ASL can't be found - this is what it says in the "configure" output, towards the beginning:

"checking whether code for third party package Blas is available... no
"checking whether code for third party package Lapack is available... yes
"checking whether code for third party package HSL is available... yes
"checking whether code for third party package ASL is available... no

Towards the end of the output from "configure", it says this:

"checking whether -lblas has BLAS... yes
"checking whether LAPACK is already available with BLAS library... no
"checking whether -llapack has LAPACK... no
"checking for ../ThirdParty/Lapack/Makefile... yes
"configure: Checking for Harwell subroutine library
"checking for ./../ThirdParty/HSL/ma27ad.f... yes
"checking for ./../ThirdParty/HSL/mc19ad.f... yes
"checking for ./../ThirdParty/HSL/ma57ad.f... no
"checking for ../ThirdParty/ASL/Makefile... no

Do these scripts have to be compiled manually before I start "configure"? Besides the message about ASL missing, I'm also bit confused by the messages about Blas and Lapack. 

To me it seems that the files (for ASL) are were they ought to be, but the installer has a difficult time finding them. 

Best regards,


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Datum: Wed, 18 Apr 2007 11:56:55 -0400 (EDT)
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An: David Elixmann <david.elixmann at gmx.net>
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Betreff: Re: [Coin-ipopt] compiling and installing IPOPT

> Hi David,
> As for the libipopt.a:  By default, 'make install' will generate shared 
> libraries (libipopt.so, as you found it in your lib directory).  So, the 
> compilation of the Ipopt library actually worked, and that's all fine. 
> If for some reason you prefer to generate a static library, you can 
> specify --disable-shared as "configure" option.  But before rerunning 
> configure, I strongly suggest you do a 'make uninstall' and 'make 
> distclean' first.  See also 
> https://projects.coin-or.org/CoinHelp/wiki/user-configure
> As for the missing binary:  Are you sure that the AMPL code has been put 
> into the right place and has been compiled?  The AMPL solver executable 
> "ipopt" (in bin/) is only compiled if the configure script finds the ASL 
> source code.  The best way to check is to go into the ThridParty/ASL 
> directory (as subdirectory of the directory where you ran configure) and 
> see if there is something compiled in there.  If not. then configure 
> didn't find the ASL source code.  The output of configure should also tell
> you (in the midst of too much output) if ASL has been found.
> So, I suggest, you do 'make uninstall' and 'make distclean', make sure 
> that the ASL code is in the right place, and then rerun configure 
> (including the --disable-shared option, if you don't like shared 
> libraries).  Scan the configure output (towards the end) to see if it says
> that the ASL source code was found.
> Regards,
> Andreas
> On Wed, 18 Apr 2007, David Elixmann wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm trying to compile and install IPOPT on a 64bit SUSE Linux 10.2 
> > machine, using the Version 3.2.3. Something is going wrong in the 
> > installation, and I have no idea what this could be:
> >
> > I downloaded the Lapack, ASL, Blas and HSL packages as described in the 
> > installation instructions on the 'coin-or/Ipopt' site, and put them all 
> > into the appropriate directories. The configuration script ('./configure
> > --prefix=$IPOPTDIR') says that everything went successfully 
> > ("Configuration of Ipopt successful - Main configuration of Ipopt 
> > successful").
> >
> > The code building ('make') also seems to work okay - there are no error 
> > messages, although the console screen is cluttered with what seems to be
> > compiler output.
> >
> > However, when I try to compile the program ('make install'), I get 
> > neither the IPOPT executable that is supposed to end up in 
> > $IPOPTDIR/bin, nor the library file libipopt.a that is supposed to end 
> > up in $IPOPTDIR/lib. The other files (ipopt_addlibs_cpp.txt and 
> > ipopt_addlibs_f.txt) are there, and seem to be okay. There is a message 
> > that says that the libraries have been installed - there is in fact a 
> > directory $IPOPTDIR/lib, and it contains the files
> >
> > ipopt_addlibs_cpp.txt
> > ipopt_addlibs_f.txt
> > libipopt.la
> > libipopt.so
> > libipopt.so.0
> > libipopt.so.0.0.0
> >
> > but it doesn't have libipopt.a which, according to the installation 
> > instructions, should also be there.
> >
> > There is also a directory $IPOPTDIR/include, which contains 28 header 
> > files.
> >
> > There is no directory $IPOPTDIR/bin, which according to the installation
> > instructions should include the IPOPT executable that is needed for 
> > AMPL.
> >
> > Do you know what can cause this? I worked with IPOPT before, but only as
> > an end user, without worrying about compilation and installation issues.
> >
> > Many thanks in advance,
> >
> > David
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