[Coin-ipopt] compiling and installing IPOPT

David Elixmann david.elixmann at gmx.net
Wed Apr 18 03:53:10 EDT 2007


I'm trying to compile and install IPOPT on a 64bit SUSE Linux 10.2 machine, using the Version 3.2.3. Something is going wrong in the installation, and I have no idea what this could be: 

I downloaded the Lapack, ASL, Blas and HSL packages as described in the installation instructions on the 'coin-or/Ipopt' site, and put them all into the appropriate directories. The configuration script ('./configure --prefix=$IPOPTDIR') says that everything went successfully ("Configuration of Ipopt successful - Main configuration of Ipopt successful"). 

The code building ('make') also seems to work okay - there are no error messages, although the console screen is cluttered with what seems to be compiler output. 

However, when I try to compile the program ('make install'), I get neither the IPOPT executable that is supposed to end up in $IPOPTDIR/bin, nor the library file libipopt.a that is supposed to end up in $IPOPTDIR/lib. The other files (ipopt_addlibs_cpp.txt and  ipopt_addlibs_f.txt) are there, and seem to be okay. There is a message that says that the libraries have been installed - there is in fact a directory $IPOPTDIR/lib, and it contains the files 


but it doesn't have libipopt.a which, according to the installation instructions, should also be there. 

There is also a directory $IPOPTDIR/include, which contains 28 header files. 

There is no directory $IPOPTDIR/bin, which according to the installation instructions should include the IPOPT executable that is needed for AMPL.

Do you know what can cause this? I worked with IPOPT before, but only as an end user, without worrying about compilation and installation issues. 

Many thanks in advance,

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