[Coin-ipopt] Problem With NL Problem With > 100 Variables

Jacob C. jacobcdf at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 12 22:23:32 EDT 2007

Running 3.2.3 on XP compiled with default under cygwin through AMPL.

It seems that when I hit roughly 100 variables IPOPT spits out the following (halt_on_ampl_error set to TRUE):

EXIT: Invalid number in NLP function or derivative detected.
Error in an AMPL evaluation. Run with "halt_on_ampl_error yes" to see details.
Exception of type: Eval_Error in file "IpOrigIpoptNLP.cpp" at line 403:
 Exception message: success && IsFiniteNumber(ret) evaluated false: Error evaluating the objective function

EXIT: Some uncaught Ipopt exception encountered.
can't open at1564.sol


I'm very much a beginner and have little where to even start tracking this down. FWIW, the problem runs smoothly with MINOS 5.5. Will provide the model upon request.


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