[Coin-ipopt] win32 (Borland) installation & tutorial (minor) error...

Antonello Lobianco a.lobianco at univpm.it
Mon May 8 10:11:44 EDT 2006

Hello all..

I need to (unfortunatly) use IPOPT under Windows, to be precise to be 
used with a Borland C++ Builder 6 developed project..

Is there anyone that succesfully builded IPOPT with Borland? Can you 
provide an how-to or directly the callable binary library?
On point 2.4.1 of the tutorial (botton page note) it is stated that it 
"should" be possible to make the library with Cygwin (that it seems the 
easiest option) and then produce a dll usable by native compilers.. 
Anybody on this list did that??

Also on the Tutorial on section 2.4 (Installation on windows) it is 
stated "If you have the Microsoft C++ compiler ...., please see Section 
2.4.1" but it is section 2.4.2 :-))

Thank you,
   Antonello Lobianco

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