[Coin-ipopt] Ipopt on intel mac

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Tue Dec 19 12:19:40 EST 2006


Well, I would advise the use of the configuration scripts for Ipopt. 
They should (and have for a number of people) worked under OsX.

If it doesn't work, it would be great if we could find out why, so that we 
can fix it and make it easy for other users in the future to install Ipopt 
just by typing 'configure' and 'make install'.

Bruce, it would be great if you could just try what happens if you get a 
clean copy of Ipopt (make sure you are not getting a .zip package, since 
those seem to have been created incorrectly on COIN - please use 
subversion or get the .tgz tarball), make sure you get all correct 
compilers (using the instructions in the Bonmin project), and then try 
configure and make install again.  If that hangs somewhere, and you are 
not too frustrated yet, it would be great if you open an Ipopt ticket, or 
send me an email (offline, so that we don't flood the mailing list) with a 
description of the problem, as well as the "Ipopt/config.log" file (note 
that I need the one in the Ipopt SUBdirectory).

Thanks to both of you for being patient and keeping trying :), and for 
your feedback!


On Tue, 19 Dec 2006, Bruce Shapiro wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> I've tried to follow your instructions but I've still run into a few 
> problems:
> (1) In step 2 where you say "move lapack/make.inc.example to lapack/ 
> make.inc.example" do you really mean "move lapack/make.inc.example to 
> lapack/make.inc"
> (2) I could not do the make on liblapack.a until I first compiled everything 
> in /LAPACK/INSTALL folder first
> (3) In step 3 "building the IPOPT libraries" you compile the C and C++ 
> libraries. Which ones? Which folders? I see six folders in the IPOPT/SRC: 
> algorithm, apps, common, interfaces, linalg. Did you compile all of these 
> separately? and you only created one library, but I am not sure how or where 
> to do this since it needs to combine files from the different folders? Or did 
> you copy all the .cpp files into a single folder first? And I am confused 
> about the "ipopt-include-dir" - where is this? It looks to be like all the .h 
> and .hpp files are in the same folder as the .cpp files, which are divided 
> among the 6 folders (and their sub-folders) I've listed.
> So I am stuck on step 3. I think I am ready to build the IPOPT files but I am 
> a bit confused.
> Thanks,
> Bruce

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