[Coin-ipopt] Problem using lapackpp and IPOpt

Sonia Singhal soniasinghal at cmu.edu
Fri Dec 15 21:45:26 EST 2006


I am doing development in Microsoft Visual Studio 2003. I have been using
LAPACK through a C++ interface provided in lapackpp-2.5.0. I was using it
for solving linear system of equations and doing SVD. This package provides
the libs for lapack and blas which I used for compiling their c++ interface
Recently I used IpOpt ( 3.2.3 ) version in the code to solve an optimization
problem. I havnt written the complete code yet, just made a dummy
optimization class just to see if I was able to link the entire ipopt
infrastructure with my existing code. I was able to compile and run the Cpp
Example given in the IPOpt distribution.
The problem is that my code crashes in the lapackpp's call to their
interface to SVD (dgesdd). It crashes giving a "floating point underflow"
error. This doesnt happen if I remove ipopt's libs and code. I have posted
this question on the lapackpp forum too. I am posting here too just in case
anyone has any idea of what the problem could be.

~ sonia
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