[Coin-ipopt] Ipopt-3.2.3 with ACML library

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Fri Dec 1 10:17:13 EST 2006

Hi Danh,

> I cannot configure Ipopt with Pardiso on AMD64, Suse 10.1 with ACML library 
> although Pardiso worked on my computer,
> g77 pardiso_sym.f -L/home/andanh/pardiso -lpardiso_GNU_AMD64 
> -L/opt/acml3.6.0/gnu64/lib -lacml
> Can you show he how to do.   Here is the options I used when configure Ipopt.
> ./configure --with-pardiso="/home/andanh/pardiso/libpardiso_GNU_AMD64.so" 
> --with-acml="-L/opt/acml3.6.0/gnu64/lib -lacml"

The configure script doesn't know anything about --with-acml, and any 
unknown --with-* and --enable-* flags are ignored.

Since acml is required for Pardiso, you should include the flags in the 
--with-pardiso argument, which should include all linker flags that are 
necessary to link with Pardiso (not only the Pardiso library itself).

So, hopefully

./configure --with-pardiso="/home/andanh/pardiso/libpardiso_GNU_AMD64.so -L/opt/acml3.6.0/gnu64/lib -lacml"

will work.



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