[Coin-ipopt] MKL 9.0 beta / Pardiso

Graham Sparrow g_sparrow at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 14 05:34:45 EDT 2006

I am evaluating Intel MKL 9.0 beta which has a new version of the Pardiso solver included.
Having done some initial testing with IPOPT it seems to work fine (apart from an apparent one-off initialisation overhead of ~ 1 sec. - I haven't investigated this yet).
The comment in the IPOPT documentation is...
"Note: Pardiso is included in Intel's MKL library. However, that version does not yet include the changes done by the Pardiso developers to make the linear solver work smoothly with IPOPT."
I couldn't tell from this whether the fact that it now compiles, links and runs OK is good confirmation that the required changes are now included in MKL. Or whether the changes were more subtle and that there may still be an issue with certain problems.
I would be very grateful for insights into this. It looks promising, anyway;)
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