[Coin-ipopt] The question that puzzled me all the time!!

zhangwen zwerhu at graduate.shu.edu.cn
Sun Apr 23 23:06:06 EDT 2006

Hi, all
   I can't use Ipopt to solve one NLP problem that puzzled me all the way. The question is in the attachment and please have a look at it. The iterations I mentioned in the attachment are 'flct' and 'ctd' which I have programmed in Matlab. The parameters of them are both vectors which are some of the unknowns of the NLP problem. The return values of them are also the vectors with the same dimension. I wonder whether someone can teach me how to solve the attached NLP problems by using Ipopt (specially of Matlab interface) in details? Thanks a lot.

     Best Regards,
     W. Zhang
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