[Coin-ipopt] NLPAPI memory problem?

Matthew Guthaus mguthaus at eecs.umich.edu
Mon May 9 09:15:47 EDT 2005

The newest updates (May 9 tarball) appear to fix these memory problems.

Thanks for the help!


On May 6, 2005, at 3:00 PM, Andreas Waechter wrote:

> Hi Matt,
> Looking at your example, I found a bug in the memory allocation in the
> Ipopt interface for the NLPAPI (memory of length 0 was allocated -  
> which
> seems Ok on Linux, but not AIX).  I fixed this and the code is in  
> the CVS
> repository now.
> But that does not seem to be the problem you describe (since you would
> have seen that mistake already when solving just one NLP).  We have
> corrected a few other bugs in the NLPAPI and submitted the corrections
> just yesterday, so you probably didn't have the latest code.  Please
> update your code of the NLPAPI (if you don't use CVS you have to wait
> until tomorrow to get the latest changes in the tarball).  If you  
> still
> have a problem please let us know (and tell us what operating  
> system and
> compiler you are using).
> Regards,
> Andreas
> On Fri, 6 May 2005, Matthew Guthaus wrote:
>> This should probably go to the NLPAPI mailing list, but I do not see
>> one.
>> I have attached a small example that uses an equality constraint.  
>> If I
>> repeat the optimization in a loop while (properly, according to the
>> examples) freeing the memory, it appears that something gets  
>> corrupted.
>> Removing the equality constraint allows it to complete fine.
>> Am I making a mistake? Is this a problem in the NLPAPI?
>> Thanks,
>> Matt

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