[Coin-ipopt] Checking number of function evaluations

Karsten Theissen tbb at math.uni-muenster.de
Fri Jul 29 05:50:38 EDT 2005

Dear Andreas and all other IPOPT-Users,

in my AMPL-Code, I define a function f

var f  {i in ZEIT} = ..... ;

which only occurs in the constraint:

s.t. minmax {i in AZEIT} : f[i] <= zeta;

Because the computation of f cost a lot of time, I would like to know, how 
many times this function is being evaluated by IPOPT. Is this possible by 
AMPL or directly with IPOPT ???

Yours Karsten

P.S at Andreas: IPOPT scheint in der Optimale-Steuerungs-Familie immer beliebter 
zu werden, allerdings haben die Leute große Probleme an AMPL zu kommen. Hast 
du da vielleicht einen Tipp, wo man das kaufen kann (oder kennst gar eine 


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