[Coin-ipopt] Release of Ipopt 3.0.0 (C++ version)

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Fri Aug 26 19:37:57 EDT 2005

It is finally here! We are pleased to announce the first official release
of the new C++ version of Ipopt. This has been the culmination of over a
year of development.

Have a look at the new homepage


Along with this new version of Ipopt comes a new source management system
based on TRAC and subversion. All in all, there are many changes and
advancements associated with this release.

- A new C++ version of Ipopt, complete with online documentation :)
- Wiki based home page - which means you can contribute ideas, etc.
- A Ticket system for bugs, feature requests, etc.
- Online browsing of the source code and change logs through TRAC.

Not all features of the old Fortran version have (yet) been implemented
(for example, the quasi-Newton versions have yet to come), but there are
also new features: General inequalities in the problem statement
(no need to introduce slacks anymore), adaptive choice of the barrier

As always, we welcome contributions and hope that this new version will
make it easier for the community to understand and improve Ipopt. As with
any new project, there will be continued active development over the next
few months. For example, we hope to include interfaces to additional
linear solvers soon.

Check out the new version and feel free to contact the list with any
questions or concerns.  The floodgates are now open...


Andreas Waechter,
Carl Laird.

P.S. The old Fortran version (Ipopt 2.3.x) will still be available.
However, aside from bug fixes, updates and further development will be
limited to the C++ version.

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