[Coin-ipopt] COIN-OR is now up at www.coin-or.org

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Thu Oct 14 09:55:14 EDT 2004

The COIN-OR website and CVS repository have been moved last night.  Below
you find some more information.  Note that the URL www-124.ibm.com does no
longer work (use www.coin-or.org instead).

The CVS repository at www-124.ibm.com can still be accessed, but it will
no longer be updated, and it will disappear before the end of the year.
If you are using CVS we STRONGLY recommend that you either checkout a
fresh version from the new host, or use the instructions below to adapt
your current check-out.

Finally, the mailing lists (including this one) are also going to move -
we will let you know when that happened.

I hope the move doesn't constitute much inconvenience.


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Apologies for possible multiple postings -- we wanted to get everyone.

The Computational Infrastructure for Operations Research (COIN-OR)
Initiative has achieved its goal of independence. On October 13, 2004, the
educational nonprofit corporation COIN-OR Foundation, Inc. assumed
management of the COIN-OR Initiative. The COIN-OR repository and webpages
have moved from the IBM developerWorks website to a new host at
www.coin-or.org. The mailing lists will be moving shortly.

Visit the new website at http://www.coin-or.org  (and update your

The COIN-OR Team

PS:   For those who use CVS to access the repository from a unix-based
system here is a tip on how to keep your current checked out tree and use
the new repository.  Copy the following lines into say, ~/change.sh, change
into the directory where your COIN-OR working directory lives,  and execute
the script with 'sh ~/change.sh'

for i in `find . -name Root`; do
    \mv $i $i.17
    sed -e 's+www-124.ibm.com+www.coin-or.org+g' \
          -e 's+/usr/cvs/coin+/home/coin/coincvs+g' $i.17 > $i
    \rm $i.17
\mv ~/.cvspass ~/.cvspass.17
sed -e 's+www-124.ibm.com+www.coin-or.org+g' \
    -e 's+/usr/cvs/coin+/home/coin/coincvs+g' ~/.cvspass.17 > ~/.cvspass
\rm ~/.cvspass.17

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