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Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Tue Oct 12 11:35:21 EDT 2004


COIN-OR, the open source initiative which includes Ipopt as one of its
projects, is going to be taken over by a nonprofit organization, the
COIN-OR Foundation, Inc.

Until now, the COIN-OR website has been hosted by IBM.  This Wednesday
(i.e. tomorrow - see the announcement below), the website is going to move
onto servers of the INFORMS professional society.

The website will be down for a while during the move, and after that, the
direct URL


will no longer give access to the COIN-OR webpages.  Instead, you will
still be able to reach it with the default URL


In the same way, the host for the CVS respository will change.  Finally,
also this mailing list will move to a new host and address.

We hope that the move will cause little inconvenience for the COIN-OR
users.  We will send you another message once the move has taken place
with more detailed information about what you might have to adapt in your


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COIN-OR is moving.

The educational, nonprofit corporation,  COIN-OR Foundation, Inc, is taking
over management of COIN-OR.  In conjunction with the leadership transition,
the COIN-OR initiative is moving off the servers of IBM and onto servers of
the INFORMS professional society.

On Weds, October 13, 2004  at 5pm E.T., the COIN-OR website will be
unavailable while it is being moved.  An email notice will be sent when
move is completed.

       The COIN-OR Core-Team

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