[Coin-ipopt] installation problem in ipopt

Andreas Waechter andreasw at watson.ibm.com
Fri Jul 30 12:20:57 EDT 2004

Hi Ugur,

I had a look at your message and your config.log file.

1. You can't compile a program for one operating system (in your case some
flavor of unix - I guess Linux?) and execute it on another operating
system (Windows).  (This is true in general, not only for Ipopt.)  If you
want to get an executable for Windows, you have to compile it in Windows
(Cygwin is just another way to talk to Windows, with additional
applications).  So, we should make sure that you can compile Ipopt under

2. The fact that you were able to run configure in Cygwin and got the
message that the configuration was successful seems to indicate that you
included the compilers when you installed Cygwin(?).  I'm surprised,
however, that after that the make command didn't work.  Please make sure
that you installed GNU make when within Cygwin.

I'm very happy that you want to use Ipopt, and I would like to make it
easier for people to use it.  In paticular, it would be great if we could
just distribute compiled executables for users that just want to use the
AMPL executable.  The reason we can't do this at the moment is that we
cannot distribute the required linear solver (MA27), according to its
license.  We are working on a reimplementation of Ipopt (in C++ :), and at
some point we want to explore alternative linear solvers (such as TAUCS)
which are open source, so that hopefully then we can distribute binaries.

In order for us to proceed, please make sure that your Cygwin installation
includes `make' (you might want to ask you system administrator to help
you - it is difficult from here to give you advice, and I'm not using
Windows frequently).  If it still doesn't work, please send me the
config.log file from your Cygwin configuration.

>From here on, it would be better to continue our communication off-line
(i.e. not sending messages to the mailist list, to avoid that other
readers get bored with us - and unsubscribe :).  So, please send the next
messages only to me.  Once we fixed the problem we could post a message
that describes what the problem was.

Best regards,


On Fri, 30 Jul 2004, UGUR GUNER wrote:

> Dear Sir, Thank you for your consideration Sir. I'm happy to receive a
> reply from you. I told about the problem I faced yesterday and you asked
> for more information.  I wanted to work on windows so I downloaded the
> Cygwin, however cygwin couldn't use the " wget command " so it couldn't
> get the zipped third party components from the web.,Then, I downloaded
> the wget however I couldn't use cygwin and wget simultaneously, I mean
> the cygwin still can't recognize the "wget " command. So, I downloaded
> the components according the installation instructions. I configure
> using "./configure" command in the cygwin. It did the configuration
> successfully ( At least it said so ). But cywin doesn't recognize the
> command " make install " . Thus, I decided to use a remote unix machine
> through telnet. In that unix machine it recognized all the commands and
> did the configuration and installation easily. It formed a file in the "
> bin " folder at the end of the installation, as it is said in the
> instructions. But this file has no format in windows environment. I mean
> it is not an .exe file. So I rename the file as ipopt.exe and copy it to
> " ampl folder " in th!
>  e windows environment. When I apply it as a solver in AMPL it gives error as below;
> " ampl: option solver ipopt;
> ampl: model prod0.mod;
> ampl: solve;
> One or more CON code pages invalid for given keyboard code
> Program too big to fit in memory
> can't open at2276.sol "
> I 'm also sending the config.log file ( I did the configuration in a remote uniz machine, not in the cygwin) to directly your email.
> Thank you for your time,
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