[Coin-ipopt] Compiling an AMPL executable using Cygwin

Arvind Uppili Raghunathan aur at andrew.cmu.edu
Mon Sep 16 16:35:05 EDT 2002

Hi Andreas,

> called 'gmake'.  You can either change this in your Makefile.defs, or you
> can add a link such as (for Cygwin)
> cd /usr/local/bin
> ln -s /usr/bin/make.exe gmake.exe

  The version of the make utility I have downloaded is 3.79.1 The
downloaded make is indeed the GNU make (info from man pages) but for some
reason seems to be complaining about undefined variables. Hope this helps.
Also, I use Windows 2000. Not sure if this is of any significance to the
observed behavior.


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