[Couenne] Trunk Password, Binary and Installation.

Tony Kelman kelman at berkeley.edu
Tue Apr 15 14:30:01 EDT 2014

I was able to do this a few months ago with all of Optimization Services including Couenne. However I was using Mumps rather than the HSL solvers.

Please describe in detail how far you’ve gotten and exactly what is going wrong. Also what do you need in the end? An AMPL executable, or a static library, or a dll?

Read-only access should not require a username or password. Are you sure you were only trying to checkout? Does a blank username and password work for checkout?


From: Mostafa.B 
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Subject: [Couenne] Trunk Password, Binary and Installation.


Could someone please provide a recent binary of Couenne or some instruction of how to install it (trunk or must recent version) on win-64 using MingW 64 (gcc 4.7.1) and also the coinhsl solvers (coinhsl.zip)? I am really stuck with it.
In addition to that, svn for trunk asks for username and password.



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