[Coin-announce] Seeking COIN-OR impact testimonials

Robert Fourer 4er at ampl.com
Wed Jun 25 00:40:37 EDT 2014

We are preparing to nominate the initiators and founders of COIN-OR for the
2014 INFORMS Impact Prize.  Thus we are soliciting testimonials to the
impact that COIN-OR projects have had on diverse research and business

We invite you to send us a paragraph or two describing how COIN-OR software
has made a significant difference to your work and accomplishments.  Also if
you have been involved in developing software under the auspices of COIN-OR,
we would be happy to hear of its impact on your users.  The deadline for the
nomination is at the end of this month, but last-minute testimonials are
still welcome; they can be sent to 4er at ampl.com.

Bob Fourer

Kevin Furman
William Hart
Andrew Mason
Michael Trick

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