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David Savourey savourey at lix.polytechnique.fr
Thu Sep 29 04:13:21 EDT 2011

Dear all,

ROSE has joined COIN-OR!

ROSE (Reformulation/Optimization Software Engine) is an automatic
reformulation software for mathematical programs. It is a research code,
some parts of it are poorly written (they date to a time when the authors
were definitely less smart than now), it is difficult to use, it lacks quite
a bit of documentation, but it moves a few steps in a good direction.
Mostly, it helps the authors carry out their research.

ROSE works either stand-alone (mostly for debugging purposes) or as an AMPL
solver. As AMPL is very much closed-source and has no facilities for editing
a "structured formulations" (i.e. a formulation involving indices and
quantifiers) in memory, ROSE writes its output (usually a reformulated
version of the mathematical programming formulation given in input) as a
text file. This may be an input to a further processing software (such as a
numerical solver), or a "flat formulation" (i.e. a formulation without
indices where all the parameter symbols have been replaced by numerical
data) again in AMPL format.

More information can be found in here <https://projects.coin-or.org/ROSE>.
The authors are willing to help. Write to the maintainer David
Savourey<savourey at lix.polytechnique.fr>or to the main author Leo
Liberti <liberti at lix.polytechnique.fr>. Hopefully David will give you a
faster answer.

Leo & David
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