[Coin-announce] Call for Sessions for INFORMS Computing Society Meeting

Ted Ralphs ted at lehigh.edu
Tue Sep 16 13:06:45 EDT 2008

Greetings COIN-OR users,

I am organizing a stream on integer programming at the 2009 INFORMS 
Computing Society Conference in Charleston, SC and am currently 
recruiting sessions in the general area of computation and integer 
programming. I would be especially interested to see some sessions that 
involve computation with COIN-OR. If you would like to organize a 
session for this stream, please contact me by September 30. Further 
details are provided below.


Stream on Integer Programming
Eleventh INFORMS Computing Society Conference
January 11-13, 2009
Charleston, SC

The stream will emphasize the general area of integer programming as it 
relates to computation, software development, applications, or any other 
related topics. If you are interested in organizing a session, including 
possible joint sessions with other streams, please contact me by 
September 30, 2008.


Thanks for your attention. We now return you to your regular programming.

Ted Ralphs
Chair, Integer Programming Stream
Eleventh INFORMS Computing Society Conference
Associate Professor, Lehigh University (permanent)
Fellow, Institute for Advanced Studies, Universita di Bologna (current)
ted 'at' lehigh 'dot' edu

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