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stefan at math.hu-berlin.de stefan at math.hu-berlin.de
Sun Aug 17 08:48:24 EDT 2008

Dear COIN-OR users and developers,

I'm happy to announce that, after revision 0.3 was released 10 months
ago, the new GAMSlinks stable revision 0.4 has just been created.
A new release 0.4.0 will be made as soon as the depending projects have
uptodate releases.

The new features are:

An (experimental) GAMS interface to the Optimization Services project had
been added.
It allows to translate GAMS models into OSiL instances (including
nonlinear models which mathematical functions have an OSiL
representation), solve the model locally (with included OS/solver
interfaces) or remotely via an OptimizationServices server, and writing
the result into a GAMS solution file.

A GAMS interface to the MIP solver of the Branch-and-Cut framework SCIP
has been added. By default, CLP is used as LP subsolver.
SCIP (Solving Constrained Integer Programs) is developed at Zuse Institute
Berlin and is freely available at http://scip.zib.de for academic use.

The Cbc, Bonmin, and SCIP interfaces have been extended to support the GAMS
Branch-and-Cut-and-Heuristic Facility (http://www.gams.com/docs/bch.htm).
BCH allows a GAMS user to develop their own, often problem-specific, cut
and heuristic callbacks in the GAMS model space without having intimate
knowledge of the underlying solver.

The GAMS/CBC interface allows to use the multithreading feature of CBC.

The Ipopt and Bonmin interfaces support the use of user-defined variable
scaling parameters via the GAMS .scale suffix.

The GAMS/OSI interface had been extended to support CPLEX.

Windows 64bit with Intel compilers has been added to the supported
platform (build type WEI). Further, I/O libraries to simpilify the build
with GNU compilers on Linux and MacOS have been added (build types LNX,
The build system had hopefully improved, please read the detailed
installation instructions on the GAMSlinks wiki.

Many small fixed and corrections.


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