[Coin-announce] release of GAMSlinks 0.2

stefan at mathematik.hu-berlin.de stefan at mathematik.hu-berlin.de
Sun Feb 4 14:48:30 EST 2007

Dear COIN-OR users,

I'm proud to announce that release 0.2.0 of the GAMSlinks project is now
The GAMSlinks project is dedicated to the development of links between
GAMS (General Algebraic Modeling System) and solvers that are hosted at

With version 0.2.0, the following features have been added

- an interface to the NLP solver IPOPT has been added

- flexibility of the Cbc and Glpk interfaces is improved by the handling
of option files

- the Cbc interface can handle special ordered sets

- documentation has been extended to simplify the creation of own links
between GAMS and (linear) COIN-OR solvers (see the HTML class

- several bugs in the handling of return codes have been fixed

- the build system has been improved

For more information on the GAMSlinks project, visit the project web site at
https://projects.coin-or.org/GAMSlinks .

All best,

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