[Coin-announce] Special Issue on Operations Cyberinfrastructure

Robert Fourer 4er at iems.northwestern.edu
Thu Aug 9 17:15:40 EDT 2007


Special Issue of Naval Research Logistics on 

Deadline: October 1, 2007

The concept of Operations Cyberinfrastructure (OCI) has 
gained currency in recent years as offering the potential 
to harness advanced data, modeling, simulation, and 
optimization technologies to support enterprise-wide 
applications. These benefits can be realized by integrating 
the financial, economic, and strategic objectives of an 
enterprise with the design of supply networks, product life 
cycles, and market environments. 

The field of operations research (OR) provides the 
integrating methodology for these diverse considerations 
and the scientific underpinning for the decision-making 
process. An OCI combines OR methodology with the 
computational and knowledge-exchange capabilities of a 
cyberinfrastructure (CI), producing tools that facilitate 
better planning and operational decision-making in a broad 
variety of enterprises. A detailed account of these and 
other aspects of OCI is given by the OCI workshop report at 

The goal of this special issue is to highlight research 
touching upon all aspects of OCI.  Papers are encouraged in 
the general areas of:

   -- CI contributions to OR, through
         better data access and computational services
   -- OR contributions to CI, through
         data mining, decision-making and optimal design
   -- New concepts in OCI, broadly construed

Bob Fourer, special issue editor
4er at iems.northwestern.edu, +1 847-491-3151

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