[Coin-announce] Open source petition reported in Science Magazine

Robin Lougee-Heimer robinlh at us.ibm.com
Mon Oct 15 16:33:42 EDT 2001

Science Magazine (Vol 294  5OCTOBER2001 p27) reports that there's a
3-week-old petition being started "demanding that the government require
scientists to deposit the guts of their taxpayer-funded software into
public collections."   The petition has grown out of desire for open source
in the bioinformatics area, but speaks to all scientists.

To see the petition and more on the group that spawned it, check out
OpenInformatics (http://www.openinformatics.org)  "The purpose of this
website is to help scientists to become more aware of Open Source Software:
what it is and how it may help them in their scientific research, as well
as what OSS tools are available to them, and to encourage software
developers to release their code in an Open Source model to make the
software better. "

Unrelated, COIN-OR (http://www.coin-or.org) advocates informally discussed
similar ideas recently with the current NSF  Program Director for the
Division for Design, Manufacturing, and Industrial Innovation, and
Operations Research and Production Systems, Ronald R.  Rardin.


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