[Coin-announce] New Traveling Salesman tutorial for OpenTS

Harder, Robert, 1Lt, AFPOA/DPYC Robert.Harder at pentagon.af.mil
Fri Oct 5 11:39:26 EDT 2001

OpenTS, the Java tool for easier and cleaner Tabu Searches, has a new--and
finally completed--tutorial on its website http://opents.iharder.net
<http://opents.iharder.net> . The OpenTS website is also available from the
COIN website http://www.coin-or.org <http://www.coin-or.org> .
The latest version of OpenTS sports a new helper class for implementing
Reactive Tabu Lists and a new "Pick first improving move" option for the
Tabu Search Engine to allow for faster initial solution space
-Robert Harder
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