[coin-announce] Tabu Search Framework announcement

Harder, Robert, 1Lt, AFPOA/DPYC Robert.Harder at pentagon.af.mil
Tue Oct 31 06:22:13 EST 2000

I'm pleased to announce a framework for building Tabu Searches, a popular
meta-heuristic, soon to be available through COIN.

The framework was originally developed at the Air Force Institute of
Technology and has since been developed further into a lightweight, robust
architecture for building a tabu search. It frees you from having to code
the boring, grunt-work portion of tabu search and lets you concentrate on
the fun parts like building an adaptive, reactive, responsive, elusive tabu

I will be at INFORMS in San Antonio in November, presenting this and other
work a colleague and I did. You are all welcome to attend our session Sunday
morning, 10:15-11:45. See the INFORMS site for more information:

In the meantime, some information about the tabu search framework is
available at http://www.crosswinds.net/~rharder/tabusearch/.

-Robert Harder

 | Robert Harder, 1Lt, USAF, AFPOA/DPY | 
 | Civilian Personnel Policy Analyst   | 
 | (703) 604/664-1341 Commercial/DSN   | 
 | robert.harder at pentagon.af.mil       | 

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