[BuildTools] Testing AC_COIN_CREATE_LIBTOOL (solaris/linux/cygwin)

Lou Hafer lou at cs.sfu.ca
Thu Dec 14 10:35:28 EST 2006


	I've tested the revised coin.m4 for SPARC/Solaris, x86/Fedora Core 5,
and x86/Win2K/Cygwin. The AC_COIN_CREATE_LIBTOOL idea works great, and really
cuts the time. There's one change that's needed in a SPARC/Solaris environment
with both Studio and GCC tools present: The search order for Fortran compilers
needs to be different in order to find the Studio Fortran compiler. In 
AC_COIN_F77_COMPS, add a case

     coin_f77_comps="f95 f90 f77 xlf fort77 gfortran g77 pgf90 pgf77 ifort ifc 
frt af77" ;;
This allows one of f95/f90/f77 to be found before gfortran. I'm not entirely 
sure we want to find f95 or f90. You're probably a better judge. For symmetry,
I added similar cases to AC_COIN_PROG_CXX and AC_COIN_PROG_CC, but they're not
actually neccessary. Modified coin.m4 is attached.

	For mingw (cygwin with -mno-cygwin) it's an entirely different story.
See the next post.


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