[ADOL-C] traceless mode for implicit function

Andrea Walther andrea.walther at uni-paderborn.de
Tue Feb 27 04:55:42 EST 2018

Dear Giang,

> I'm wondering if traceless forward mode derivatives are available for 
> implicit function, 

no, so far the derivative computation for implicit functions is not 
covered by our traceless mode implementation.

> Using 
> trace mode is quite difficult when the material law contains a large 
> number of parameters. I don't think assigning material parameters as an 
> independent variable is not a good idea. But it has a changing value 
> depending on the Cartesian coordinates.

In the current version of ADOL-C it is possible to use additional 
parameters that do not enter the computation as independent variables.

Hence, they provide exactly the functionality that you are looking for, 
i.e., they are not active but the values of these parameters can be 
changed when computing derivatives.

See the directory


for an illustration of this functionality.

Best regards

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