[ADOL-C] Generate and execute 32-bit code on a 64-bit platform?

Verhoeven, Ronald Ronald.Verhoeven at nlr.nl
Wed Jun 6 03:52:58 EDT 2012

Dear all,

I am using ADOL-C on a windows 7 (64-bit) platform in combination with vs2010. The target platform for the exe is set on 'win32'. When I run the exe, I got the following ADOLC-C error:

'Trace was created on a 32-bit platform, cannot be opened on 64-bit platform!'

Does this mean that when I am working on a 64-bit platform, I have to set my target platform in vs2010 on 'x64' to solve this problem? In other words, do I have to generate 64-bit code on a 64-bit platform when ADOL-C is used?

Any help would be appreciated,



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