[ADOL-C] Valgrind output of LuksanVlcek1_sparse example.

Antonello Lobianco antonello at lobianco.org
Tue Jul 3 11:03:33 EDT 2012

 I ran the  LuksanVlcek1_sparse example (that crash on my Ubuntu system)
with valgrind using the following command line parameters:

valgrind --leak-check=full --show-reachable=yes --log-file=valginlog.log
./cpp_example > program_output.txt

Please find attached the output.

If you need instead also the compiled program, you'll find it on this link:

The problem arisess only when I use the sparse drivers, as otherwise in the
normal IPOPT+ADOL-C combination all run smoothly.

I also tmade a test using the linear solver MA27 in IPOPT instead of MUMPS
but it didn't change anything.

Please let me know if I have to run valgrind with better options.

As a side note, I was trying to compile it in windows (MinGW) to see if on
that system I would have had the same problem but in windows I am unable to
compile ADOL-C with ColPack support as the linker states that MinGW needs
the dynamic version of the ColPack libraries for linking and for some weird
reasons it seems it doesn't want to create them when I compile ColPack in
windows (it creates only the static ones). Is it a well-know situation? Do
you use cygwin to compile adol-c with ColPack support in Windows ?
As a further (last) notice, to compile ADOL-C in windows I had to run "ln
-s src adolc" using the MinGW shell before running make.

Kind regards and thank you again,

Antonello Lobianco
INRA, Laboratoire d'Economie Forestière
14 Rue Girardet - 54000 Nancy, France
Tel: +33.652392310
Email: antonello.lobianco at nancy-engref.inra.fr
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