[ADOL-C] Issue with OpenMP

Ingrid Hallen ingridhallen at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 20 01:59:39 EDT 2011

I've actually tried the version including the fix with  the hope that it 
might resolve my problem (it didn't).

Anyway, here's some of observations that I made when compiling:

Compiling adol-c-2.2.1 rev 270 with MSVC++ 2010 Express using the Windows SDK 7.1 
Platform Toolset, the sparse x64 configuration and with openmp enabled.

Had to copy headers and libraries for openmp from MS VC++ 2008 Express

I moved the line "ADOLC_OPENMP_THREAD_NUMBER;" in taping.c to somewhere at 
the beginning of the function the error occured in. 
This error has to do with the c-standard I guess, which require that variables
be declared at the beginning of functions.

Furthermore, in tape_handling.cpp I changed "usleep(1000)" to
"Sleep(1)" and added the lines

"#include <windows.h>
 #undef max"

to the beginning of the file.

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