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Christian ChristianLupus at gmx.de
Mon Sep 5 08:18:54 EDT 2011


I am not a developer of hqp. I just wanted to use it. They use an old version 
of adolc (1.9.0 (?)) to comile but I would like to use a newer version. But 
then I get some errors about a missing adoublev.

I think they depend on it because hqp is no more under development because "it 
works" (good enough).

I think I will try to write a simple wrapper so that I can comile my own 
project with the new adolc and hqp.


vom Monday 05 September 2011 13:42:15:
> Hello Christian,
> As on 2011-09-05 13:34, Christian did write:
> > Hello to everybody,
> > 
> > I have a program (hqp at sourceforge) which depends on adolc. It
> > uses the adoublev types. I am not able to find those in my adolc
> > installation.
> > 
> > Am I right that adoublev has been deleted? I found some hints on
> > that, but I am not sure.
> Yes adoublev has been taken out of ADOL-C for several years now. It
> was a very buggy implementation. Fortunately there are very few cases
> where you need the full capability of an adoublev object (such as
> table lookups). In all other cases you can simply use a
> std::vector<adouble> or a std::list<adouble> or even a simple adouble
> array.
> Do you have a special reason why hqp depends on adoublev which cannot
> be done with a simple array of adoubles, or std::vector<adouble> ?

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