[ADOL-C] Link in ADOL-C/src/

Robert Kraus Robert.Kraus at tu-berlin.de
Mon Oct 4 07:28:05 EDT 2010


In the directory trunk/ADOL-C/src/ is a link where I have some problems 
with. It is called adolc and shows to current directory where adolc is 

     adolc -> .

Hence I can go into adolc as often I want and I always find the content 
of the src directory with the result that I get a really long path like 
for example:


When I work with Debian this is not a Problem and I can compile everything.
But when I try to compile ADOL-C for Windows by using cygwin I have 
several problems.
For example, in the svn-trunk verison, the link is not recognised at all 
and when I download and unpack a source tarball, the path is to long for 
Windows to delete it afterwards.

What can I do to get rid of this loop creating link? Is there maybe some 
kind of workaround?

Best regards,

Robert Kraus

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