[Osi] Move to Github Discussions

Ted Ralphs ted at lehigh.edu
Sat Jan 2 10:27:22 EST 2021

As you may have heard, Github has been developing a new feature called
We have decided to use it as a replacement for the current mailing lists,
which will be retired at some point in the near future. We envision
Discussions as a way of having the kinds of conversations that currently
take place on this mailing list directly where development is taking place,
on Github!

To take this thing for a test drive, please go to the Github page for one
of the projects you're interested in and post there what you would
otherwise post to this mailing list. Discussions is a place to connect with
other members of our community on topics not suited for opening an Issue.
We hope that you:

   - Ask questions you’re wondering about.
   - Share ideas.
   - Engage with other community members.
   - Welcome others and are open-minded. Remember that this is a community
   build together 💪.

To get started, you can check out the initial welcome post in each
repository and comment with an introduction of yourself to tell us about
what you do with this community. Thanks and see you over at Github!


Dr. Ted Ralphs
Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Lehigh University
(610) 628-1280
ted 'at' lehigh 'dot' edu
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